Nike Stam MA

Nike Stam is one of two PhD students involved in investigating the systems and motivations behind medieval bilingualism. Her project focuses on the glosses of the medieval Saints’ calender of Oengus: the Félire Óengusso. Nike graduated with honours from the Bachelor Celtic in 2008 and in 2010 with honours from Utrecht’s Research Master Medieval Studies on an edition of a Middle Irish text. As part of the Master’s course she spent 6 months at Trinity College Dublin. Her field of expertise mainly concerns Old, Middle and Modern Irish language and literature but you can wake her up for any Celtic language any time!

During her studies, Nike was active as a student assistant and organized the first ‘Week of the Irish Language’ (Seachtain na Gaeilge) in Utrecht in cooperation with the Irish Club Netherlands. After graduating in 2010 she worked as a Junior Lecturer for Celtic Studies where she taught a course in Modern Irish and several tutorials. Furthermore, she has done volunteer work as a Research Assistant in the research project ‘The Power of Words in Medieval Ireland’ directed by Dr. Jacqueline Borsje, University of Amsterdam (UvA). At the moment she is involved with Vluchtelingen Werk Midden Nederland as Taalcoach and with the Van Hamel Foundation For Celtic Studies as board member.